Sunday, September 03, 2006

Back Street Boys Masturbate

“You asked for it,” said Jerry.

"Ahh!" Unison groans of joy came from them as their super-sensitive organs joined.

Justin continued bagging away at the box he came in through three more songs before filling his mother's pussy with his man juice while the others switched partners.

Then they stepped past me and directly up to Will and Robert and they all introduced themselves to each other and left me standing in front of the open doorway like a fool with egg on my face.

Haleema nodded, but spoke no word, though her eyes stared so sadly out of the window that Madeleine felt stricken by remorse. The train's brakes suddenly screeched, the noise rising to a loud metallic wail as the train slowed to a halt. Doors began to open, and people began entering the carriages. Haleema sprang up and looked towards the nearest door, straightening her clothes as she prepared to hurry away.

She struggled with all her might but could not escape the hold the six men had on her.

"Put these things on under your clothes," he said. "We're going out."

'Just to test us out. Look, Johnnie, I'm not an easy person to get to know. I'm slow at letting myself go. I don't let myself go that easily. I need time. And trust.'

"No Miss Maria," Katy's voice broke in fear, " Please Miss, I'm sorry, I'll control myself I promise."

He nudged her thighs opened gently. Her trembling was nerve-wracking, but he knew he couldn't stop himself now. Alastair was careful as he slid inside her; even with the condom on, she was so tight that he groaned softly. He closed his fingers tightly around hers and moved, in one stroke, all the way inside her. Sada's gasp of pain tore him apart, and the tears that ran down her cheeks made him feel helpless.

Kelly checked the time. She still had an hour until the photographer was due to arrive. She went downstairs, knowing it was a little early to start drinking, but she needed something to boost her courage and settle her stomach. She fixed a margarita and then another. She was finishing her second one when the doorbell rang.

The first man I saw was Alex, the Sales Manager dressed as a Blues Brother.

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"You seem to enjoy this Diane, do you like me fucking your wet pussy with this dildo?"

He seems happy in our marriage. We live comfortably and he is a good provider. But lately after we gave had a good screw, he turns over once he has caught his breath and whispers, "I would have loved to see you do that with a big black cock!"

"Did you enjoy that Amy?" Sally lovingly asked her sister.

"Now, wasn't that refreshing?" Kitty asked Sheri. This Jacuzzi has brought me more pleasure than I can count. I just wish those jets wouldn't keep going off and on as they do, I'll have to talk to Bob to see if it's something that he can fix.

Brad groaned as his super-dong drooled thick strands of pre-cum all over the place. Your shredded shorts fell to your feet and your giant, goose-egg sized-balls dropped in their hairless sack! We all stood speechless, admiring the biggest piece of man-meat any of us had ever seen.

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